Solar Light cap gives shade during the day and light at night

2C_Light_cap.jpgMy first reaction seeing the 2CLight Solar Light cap was: oh no, again a funny cap with an add-on like a fan but looking a bit closer how the cap works I must say: the 2CLight Solar Light cap is a unique and useful product after all.

The concept is simple but brilliant: a flexible solar panel is integrated into the peak of the cap together with a micro processor controlled charging and discharging system that provides control of the lights brightness.

The light comes from two ultra bright LEDs which give off enough light to even read by night. The solar generated electricity is stored in a small battery in the cap.

The light switch is placed next to the LEDs in the peak of the cap, easy to reach. The small electronic components and the flexible solar panel does not change the wearing comfort and characteristic of the cap.

A fully charged battery will give light for 2-4 hours at maximum brightness and up to 36 hours by low brightness setting.

The photos below show some situations where the Solar Light cap can actually be very useful: reading when out camping, checking the map quickly if you got lost in the great outdoors, fishing at dusk and dawn to see the tiny fish you catch, all kind of work you have to do outside after sunset where you need a flashlight, this cap frees both of your hands for doing the job.


2CLight’s Solar Light caps come in three basic styles: Baseball, Trailblazer and Sportsman, each style offers various color choices. The retail price is $ 35.- available direct by 2CLight.

A truly wearable solar powered bright idea!


  1. The 2C Solar Light Cap is not just for recreation. Many people now use it for extreme adventure ( less stuff to carry / durable / reliable ) and now even more it is essential as survival gear ( Christchurch New Zealand Earthquakes, Japanese Tsunami ) so we’ve developed a version for these markets. Includes an integrated SOS rescue signal.

    Check our new market entry for survival gear here:

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