Illuminated fashion – Into the Deep by Vega Wang

Vega-Wang_Into-the-DeepIf you are inspiring fashion designer with parents working in the engineering field then it is almost pre-programmed that you will become very likely a fashion-technology designer like Vega Wang.

China born Vega Wang, a graduate of BA Fashion Design Womenswear in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, got her calling for technology enhanced clothing while watching the BBC documentation ‘Deep Blue’.

The colorful life of sea creatures in the deep dark ocean impressed her so much to dedicate the design for her first collection to this magical light play of string rays and other deep sea creatures as design accent.

Being a design student of the 21st century she knew of course about light emitting textile designs, mostly made by using LEDs but she did not like the thickness of these components.

Consulting her engineering parents she got the tip of using EL foils which are commonly used in car dashboards, signage displays or sometimes safety harnesses as they are slim and able to light up evenly larger areas.

The result is a illuminated clothing collection called ‘Into the Deep‘ playing with deep blue illumination around the various dresses of this collection.


Watch the video below, showing a interview with Vega Wang and see how Vega has put the light into her collection.

Re-creating the biological light effects of the Deep Blue ocean creatures on the catwalk is a truly magical experience.

[via: Electricfoxy, video and images via: The Creator Project]


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