Bellysonic – the iPod for unborn Babies

Belly_Sonic.jpgIf you wonder what I am talking about today – keep on reading. Bellysonic┬« is a soft speaker device that enables ‘soon to be moms’ to share their music with the baby in the womb.

The Bellysonic is the perfect way for an expectant mom to participate in their baby’s sensory development, and to enrich their pregnancy experience using a natural, sound therapy approach.

Music has effected human emotions for many years. It can be a soothing therapy for a stressful day, or a non-aggressive release for pent up emotion.

So why should music not have similar relaxing benefits for babies even-though they are not yet born? I have done some research around the topic of the effect of music to unborn babies. There is one side which says nothing is scientifically proven but this does not mean the other side is wrong in believing in the positive influence of music in the womb.

The most often heard effect of music for unborn babies is it will have a similar relaxation and soothing effect like we grown-up have by listening to relaxing music.

An interesting observation is also that babies which ‘listened’ to certain music for the last 3 month of pregnancy could still remember this music when they celebrated their first birthday.

Bellysonic.jpgI have my serious doubts that listening to music in the womb makes smart as other ‘studies’ suggest but I am sure that letting your unborn baby listen to music in soft sound setting will not harm either.

In whatever way you might see this, I like the unique idea of the Bellysonic by giving a soft touch to the hard plastic and metal world.

Adjustable belt, made of 100% organic sherpa cotton and 100% natural cotton takes care for extra softness. Easy to use fasteners allows freedom of movement for relaxation, mobility and comfort.

The Bellysonic® stereo speaker pouch comes with two built-in mini stereo speakers and headphone splitter allowing you and your baby to listen simultaneously.

Mom’s Interactive pregnancy Fashion and Babies first iPod Bellysonic is available for example by for $49.95

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  1. Thank you for your Bellysonic review. The science behind prenatal development is growing, and many researchers have contributed to this field. Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a pioneer in sound therapy research discovered that prenatal sounds form an important developmental component in prenatal life because they provide a foundation for learning and behavior (

    Some more information points to the stages of prenatal development and how the sensory functions begin to form: the ear first appears in the 3rd week of gestation and it becomes functional by the 16th week. The fetus begins listening by the 24th week. The cochlear structures of the ear appear to function by the 20th week and mature synapses have been found between the 24th and 28th weeks. This data and more is discussed in Gissele Whitwell’s paper, The Importance of Prenatal Sound and Music (

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