Electrified Fairy wings

Removable-EL-wire-art-panelsI could not resist writing about Halloween in connection with the possibilities eTextile techniques offer for this type of once-a-year event. Making a mini-voting contest among my friends we selected the ‘Wing’ type of DIY projects as our favorite design.

Two of the most outstanding wing design DIY projects are the ‘Removable EL wire art panels‘ by Instructables member SewLolita and the ‘Light Up Fairy Wings‘ from Angela Sheehan aka Instructables member the_gella who is also running the ‘Soft Circuit Saturdays‘.

Removable EL wire art panels‘ uses Electro Luminescent (EL) wires beautifully designed as a self contained module which can be placed on different garments or even bags if you like.

EL-wires and the control electronic as well as EL-wire connection techniques can be found for example at Plug and Wear.

Modular design takes away the issues of what to do when you need to wash a garment or clean a bag – just take of the module and up you go with the rest into the washing machine.

The DIY instruction from SewLolita is demonstrating how to make a sophisticated, aesthetically good looking illuminated wing module not just for Halloween but many other occasions.

Programmable-Light-Up-Fairy-WingsThe beautifully designed ‘Light Up Fairy Wings‘ from Angela utilized the Schemer button system from Aniomagic.

The Schemer system, electronic modules designed specifically for eTextile application, offers different color LED modules called Light boards and the processing module called Schemer board.

The magic of the Schemer system: you can program different sparkle and twinkle pattern on the fly – while wearing the wings – via an iPhone/iPod, loading the new software by holding the device in a ‘line of sight’ with the Schemer board, no wire connection is needed – sweet.

Now take this magical wearable technology and add the creativity of Angela to combine it with fabric and you get Fairy Wings not only for Halloween but for all the magical events in your life.

Happy Halloween to all our talk2myShirt readers.

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