Retro style Wearable BoomBox for your iPod

boom_bag.jpgWe had an article on talk2myShirt last October speculating about the revival of the BoomBox trend of the 80s in form of bags and backpacks with speaker and amplifier integrated to hook up to our 21st century small audio players like the iPod.

Sure enough another option is coming to the market via iWorld with a bag design that takes the retro spirit for a Wearable boombox to a higher level.

With the fashionable retro design of the Boom Bag in the style of an Tape Deck or an DJ Mixer, sharing music has never been more fun.

This Boom Bags will let you share your music wherever you are, in the park or on the cool beach party or on the sports ground to cheer you on, the reasons for having a boom bag box are endless.

Revive the spirit of the 80’s Boom Box era with this 21st century wearable boom bag that cleverly hides an FM radio and set of speakers ready to connect any portable audio device like iPod or other MP3 player, mobile phone, CD player anything that comes with an 3.5mm headphone plug and gives out an audio signal.

In the 80s many carried around big boom boxes. At the begin of the 21st century we can carry around boom bags that give off sound just like the boomboxes in the last century only we have now the option of a soft touch and multifunctional boomboxes that double as bag.

Boombox evolution enabled by wearable technologies 😉

The price for this retro hip bag is very reasonable at £18.99 which makes in $37.82 in US currency. Available via iWorld’s online shop.

[via Chip Chick]


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