Sensible Music by Stefan Zwegers

Sensible-Sound_Stefan-ZwegersThe Department of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology is currently running the ID’10 showcasing the work of the Master’s graduates plus a selection of Bachelor’s and Master’s projects.

Some of the exhibits on stage are highly interesting from the wearable technology point of view. ‘Sensible Music‘ from Stefan Zwegers, a name talk2myShirt reader will be familiar from our last years posting about his ‘Walk – interactive sound shirt‘, is my favorite pick for this years exhibition.

The motivation for ‘Sensible Music’ to protect us from music induced hearing loss as many people love to ‘feel the beat’ turning up the volume to incredible decibel levels to feel the bass vibrations.


‘Sensible Music’ are cleverly designed ear buds and bass a translation module that transfer the beat. The lower frequencies of the music are translated to small vibration motors located on the wires of the ear buds.

The user can put all the vibration on the wires or placing one of the vibration motors on the body. The beat pumping experience can be further enhanced with specially designed, rocking garments.

A complete new way to enjoy music, to feel the beat – literally.

Sensible Music from stefan Zwegers on Vimeo.

ID’10 is running in parallel to the Dutch Design Week until October 31st. There are more interesting projects on stage which we will introduce in the coming days but if you are in or around Eindhoven – check out the ID’10 first hand.

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