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My_Beating_Heart.jpgThe list of interactive pillows is getting longer with the My Beating Heart pillow, a pillow that has its own heart beat.

My Beating Heart is the invention from Yury Gitman and has been available since 2005 but out of whatever reason I only ‘discovered’ it today.

Why should a pillow with it’s own heartbeat be of any use for us? Since the old ages it is common knowledge to humanity that the heartbeat is one of the most reassuring sounds we know. The heartbeat is the first sound we hear even before we are born.

Another wisdom of life says that being very close to someone like during hugging, the two hearts will start synchronizing their beats. That’s why we calm down and feel comfortable if we are in the arms of someone special. Sound like magic – right?

My Beating Heart recreates this natural magic forces by employing Artificial Intelligence and haptic design into software and hardware. A small motor at the heart of the My Beating Heart pillow is programmed to give a life-like heartbeat.

The My Beating Heart pillow is not just playing prerecorded sequences. With it’s highly sophisticated electronics and software, called by the company the “secret sauce technology” the heartbeat rhythm of this pillow gradually changes like our own heartbeat changes over time.

Hugging the pillow will turn it on and will beat it’s heart for 20 minutes. One 9-volt battery will last for 6-12 months depending of course how often you hug the pillow.

My Beating Heart realized after the launch of the ‘grown-up’ version in 2005 that many parents buying the My Beating Heart pillow for their little ones to help them gliding into a nap or into dreamland and decided to launch additional smaller sizes specific for kids.


Prices for the My Beating Heart pillows range form $34.99 up to $120.- and are available directly by MyBeatingHeart.com

This is yet another example for the growing list of interactive pillows using soft technologies. Music playing, glowing, phone call making pillows and now the relaxation pillow with a heartbeat.

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