SYSTEX Smart Textiles Student Award 2010 winner – Active Belt from Kunal Mankodiya

Active-Belt_ECG-monitoringFor the second time SYSTEX and the Ghent University called students around the world for smart textile designs and to select the yearly champion.

The 2010 winning entry is the Active Belt by Kunal Mankodiya from the Institute for Signal Processing, University of L├╝beck, Germany.

Active Belt, the award winning project, investigates the longtime use of yarn based, woven fabric electrodes. To check their accuracy and reliability over time. Besides textile based electrodes the system design, signal processing and transmitting in an miniaturized, robust design is as important to be suitable as truly wearable solution.

ECG monitoring becomes one of the most important topics as more people reach higher age but also more people develop sometimes serious heart problems based on our stressful lifestyle. Monitoring the heart condition over longer time periods can significantly reduce further detonation of heart problems at an early stage.


Kunal Mankodiya’s work looks like to be a big step forward towards reliable and wearable heart monitoring integrated into clothing making discrete observation of our body without looking like being on a life extending machine.

Congrats to Kunal Mankodiya for his well deserved SYSTEX Smart Textiles Student Award which he will formally receive during the Smart Textiles Salon in Spring 2011 (place and time are not yet fixed).

Over the coming days we will introduce the other project submission for this award, highly interesting projects among them – stay tuned for more.

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