Shirt Buttons transformed into a Wearable Remote Control

multi_chalk.jpgRemote controls in clothing are around for a couple of years now, offered by different companies but they look almost always the same: five or six function buttons lined up into one row or a circular shape with a ‘stick’ in the center.

We haven’t seen much of a design/style creativity for textile or soft keypads in interactive fashion although I do think the underlying technologies would ‘permit’ or should I say ‘enable’ the design of different shapes and styles.

A refreshingly new design concept around a wearable remote control from designer Tobi Kim might change the way fashion designer will see future Interactive Clothing designs. The soft electronic device called ‘Multi-Chalk‘ is designed to slip on anything with a button. It can be designed to compliment your outfit and style.

Multi-Chalk is envisioned by Tobi Kim as a ‘universal remote to control anything and everywhere with the push of a button‘ that can be programmed like the good old fashion big sized universal remote controls that clutter our homes.


As the Multi-Calk is a concept study only, there is no feasibility on how the technology can be realized but a simpler version of an dedicated 5-key iPod control might be feasible in the not so far distance if engineers and fashion designer pick each others brains/expertise.

May the Multi-Calk concept serve as inspiration for a (r)evolution in the interactive fashion design for device control integration into clothing and bags of the future.

[source: Yanko Design via Gizmodo]

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