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Agloves-touch-screen-glovesWith the begin of the cold season many users new to the world of touch screen cellphones, Music player and iPad style tablet devices might not be aware that operating this devices is not possible with gloved hands.

Taking a call or checking up some infos on the tablet means taking off the gloves, putting them somewhere and finally to what one wants to do. Sounds quite cumbersome.

First solutions to this usability dilemma surfaced around two years ago coming from the DIY community which added some stitches with conductive yarn on the index finger. This conductive yarn makes the necessary connection between the skin and the touch screen surface.

Last winter season first companies emerged offering touch screen enabling gloves by integrating electrically conductive dots or fabric patches at the finger tip.

The Fall/Winter season 2010/11 started and a next generation of touch screen compatible gloves come to the market that give back to the touch screen the natural bio-electricity of your skin while keeping your finger cozy warm.

Agloves, a US based company makes this miracle happen by knitting gloves with silver fiber yarn which transfers the natural bio-electricity of your skin to the touch screen. Agloves  gloves do not have the restriction of having just one or two fingertips touch screen friendly but all 10 fingers.

talk2myShirt got some gloves to test the performance and after ‘playing’ around for 3 days – they work like a charm. Not one single miss of scrolling, sliding, wiping and touching.

Not one single scratch on any of the devices my friend and I used extensively during that time. The silver fibers seems to be very fine but still get the skin conductivity transferred to the screens.


The gloves stretch nicely, snuggle around your hand with a comfortable feel. Yeah, I am living actually in a place with 365 days per year of hot summer weather so I made a trip to one of our shopping malls with an ice skating rink to get into the mood of glove testing and got the attention of curious onlookers turned into test participants from the ice skating community.

Agloves are available in Unisex style in various sizes and retail for $17.99 a highly recommended investment if you want to keep warm fingers and stay away from glove on-off-on scenarios during the next few month.

In agreement with the people who touched their devices with Agloves we give all 10 fingers up for this digital-age gloves because of their simplicity, flawless performance and sensible pricing – most likely the best investment among your touch screen device accessory portfolio.

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