Vital Jacket – the future of Heart Monitoring

Vital_Jacket.jpgThe Vital Jacket® is an intelligent wearable garment that is able to continuously monitor electrocardiogram (ECG) wave and Heart Rate as used in medical environment, high performance sports and fitness.

The company behind this futuristic Jacket/Shirt is Biodevices, S.A., a spin-off from IEETA (Institute of Electronics and Telematics Engineering of Aveiro / University of Aveiro, Portugal) with the mission of developing and commercializing biomedical solutions for diagnosis and monitoring support.

The Vital Jacket® is a wearable vital signs monitoring system that joins textiles with microelectronics. It was designed and developed to be a usable pragmatic approach for different clinical and normal life scenarios, in hospitals, home or on the move, that need continuous or frequent high quality vital signs monitoring.

The benefit of Bio-monitoring clothing is obvious: more freedom of movement and independence from stationary treatment for patients or elderly who need special care and quality data collection in high performance sport as well as for fitness enthusiasts.

There are currently two versions available, the HWM100 that stores data on a SD memory card for post-analysis on a PC. This version allows long term monitoring. Users can define heart rate limits and will be alerted through a vibration alarm embedded in the T-Shirt.

The second version is the HWM200 that allows realtime visualization where data is sent via Bluetooth to a PDA or smart phone.

Both VitalJacket versions are ready for pre-order at a price of €399.- / $635.44 (excluding PDA) on VitalJacket’s Website. Shipment is indicated as begin of 2008 so it should be very soon.


  1. I’d like to know if this jacket is approved yet for sale in the US? If not, is the company applying or does it even need FDA approval or other regulatory agencies. Thanks!

  2. The company states it will be available in the US in June, I’m trying to get a US contact from them. Since it’s a privately purchased, independent moniter device, I don’t think they’ll need approval. I would assume that insurance companies are going to want to take a good look at the study data and see it in action here before they’ll consider covering it, tho. I’m very interested to see what its limitations are and what sort of interface it requires for remote monitoring.

  3. Realy it’s a boon for those patient having sudden cardiac attack syndrom as well it will be popular in future among the people conscious to health. really it’s an excellent product.

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