Charge up your boots – Columbia Bugathermo Season 2

Bugathermo-womenColumbia Sportswear establishes itself as the leader of a new generation of winter outdoor apparel and footwear. Last Fall/Winter season Columbia pioneered into the high-tech footwear sector with the launch of the Bugathermo boot with integrated heating system which has been sold out almost overnight.

This Fall/Winter season Columbia extended their range of heated boots ready for the chilly time ahead to keep your toes cozy warm. Cold feet not only hurt, cold feet sends a chill throughout the whole body.

The Bugathermo boots feature built-in rechargeable batteries and electronic controls that provide three temperature settings for maximum protection from the cold.

On the low setting, heating pads located under the ball of the foot deliver warmth for 8 hours and on high you can expect 3 hours of heat – or better expressed warmth. Heated clothing and footwear does not mean you get cocked inside but just give off enough additional warmth to feel comfortable.


Cold feet are painful or at the least very annoying, spoil the nice outdoor walk through the snowy winter landscape. The Bugathermo’s smart, wearable technology give a more comfortable warm feeling while working in chilly environments or enjoying the great, cold outdoors.

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