Pillow Alarm

wake_up-pillowThe Alarm Pillow design from Korean Designer Seung Jun Jeong takes a simple idea and wraps it into a gorgeous looking object.

Pillows are, next to our clothing one of the most used intimidate products we have a lot of skin contact and we enjoy using.

Enhancing these objects with sensible functionality, combining soft materials with ‘hardware-made-soft’ leads to designs like the Alarm Pillow which starts vibrating at a pre-set time, just like an alarm clock.

The background of this design study: couples that sleep in the same room/bed have the problem that one has to go up earlier than the other. Using an alarm clock that starts ringing or play an good morning song wakes up the partner who actually could still be in dreamland.

Pillow-alarmVibrations coming from a pillow will definitely not wake up anyone around but very certainly wake up the person who’s head is resting on the pillow.

Simple idea, real world suffrage of many plus a nice integration, such pillow would be on my dream wish list.

Besides the vibration function I like the setting of the pillow alarm: pulling on a ribbon at the side of the pillow which has numbers on it is suggested as timer setting – cool. No dial to turn, no keying in of the time, just pull the ribbon until the desired wake-up time appears.

A dream idea, unfortunately at this moment an idea only but let’s be optimistic that this Alarm Pillow will make it to the sales floor sooner than later.

[via: Yanko Design]

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