Dream Jammies come with a wakeup App for the iPhone

Dream-JammieThe idea of using clothing as means to stay connected is interesting and lovely. Staying connected has become part of our lifestyle – who can imagine being more than a few clicks away from the friends list, status updates or tweets.

The Dream Jammies by Alexander Reeder, well known by talk2myShirt reader for his designs like the iPhone controlled jacket or the Butterfly dress, uses a technology enhanced pajama linked to an iPhone App to get a wake-up shake from someone far away.

The Dream Jammies are equipped with motion sensors which detect if the wearer is standing or laying down or tossing around.

These information about a quite or restless sleep is transmitted to a partners iPhone which indicates the state of sleep – or the lack off – via a colorful screen.

The Jammie has vibration elements at the chest area. If the partner is shaking the iPhone, a vibrating sensation will act as a wake-up call. A cool idea for couples separated during trips to stay in touch, to stay connected.

Let’s only hope people will remember the time difference before starting shaking the Dream Jammie App on the iPhone.

Found via the lovely blog Joprints by Joanne Hodge.


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