Ergoskin: Interactive Underwear

Ergoskin_underwear.jpgWe have seen Interactive Clothing and Interactive Bags, that’s right in the center of talk2myShirt. Today we add another interactive garment: Ergoskin the Interactive Underwear.

Ergoskin is the creation of Talia Elena Radford Cryns, a student of the University for Applied Arts, Industrial Design, in Vienna – Austria.

Ergoskin is a type of functional underwear with ergonomic bio-feedback to ‘push’ the wearer in the correct posture to avoid long time suffering inflicted by bad body posture.

Nano-sized, locational sensors are woven into the fabric placed at critical points on the body. If the sensors detect that the wearer has an unhealthy posture over a long time, the sensors will send out impulses to the surface of the skin – a call to action for the wearer to correct the posture.

Body posture problems are becoming a serious issue especially for everyone spending too much time behind computers (blogging) or in the office chair. Even if you start fresh and in the correct position in the morning, watch how you end up after a while in your chair; half lying, half sitting.

Such functional underwear could also benefit medical and health care applications for rehabilitation treatment after accidents or other illnesses where the patient needs help to regain mobility.


The Ergoskin underwear concept has high potential to benefit humanity. Lets hope that this award winning concept will be picked up and turned into a commercial product.

Talia Radford won with Ergoskin the Austrian ‘Dyson Innovation Award’ in 2007.


  1. And of course will this GREAT product, that we ALL could use, never come in production? Y? Because someone believes they can make bigger money on some other crap! No, seriously, I hope that this will come, and soon. There is so many ppl out there that is having problems with their back, and not only office workers. This could be a great idea to use when you do some heavy lifting, or moving patients. This is one of those products that have something to offer everybody in all type of work and at home.
    Best regards from Norway!

  2. This is a great idea. I have horrible posture, and its mostly because I don’t realize I’m sitting incorrectly. This underwear would be great a great help for lots of people like me.

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