Stretchable Electronic Skin

Nokia-electronic-skinA team of Nokia researchers working at Cambridge working on a morphing, stretchable face of next generation phones but this technology is also highly interesting for wearable electronic, to integrate complex electronic functionality into our second skin = our clothing.

The researchers work on projects such as Nanowire Sensing, Stretchable Electronic Skin and Electro-tactile Experience at Nokia’s research center.

As the work is being done at Nokia, naturally their first application ideas center around future cellphones but stretchable, skin like electronic materials are the stuff of which future clothing will be made.

Nanowire technology is used to create an artificial nose. By placing a nanowire on top of a chip, they can train it to recognize different substances which are placed close to the sensing surface.

The electronic skin is made by using evaporated gold as a conductor. The team created an electronic touch-pad which can be stretched like a rubber band, but still respond to touch and pressure. Tests have shown this keypad can stretch by up to 20 per cent of its original length without any drop in performance.

The ‘T‘ in the term T-Shirt might in future not anymore relate to the T-cut of the shirt but to the Telephone function of the shirt itself.

This all sounds exiting but keep in mind, these are research experiments with a time horizon of 10 years ore more before variants of these technologies could become reality.

[via: The Independent]

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