Wearable Antenna

Wearable_Antenna.jpgThe idea of Wearable Antennas is around for some time but I have never seen someone actually developing or even producing this type of antenna, that is until today.

On my restless search for Wearable Electronic news I found a press release from Pharad, founded in 2003 to develop innovative and wearable antenna technology primarily for government and commercial customers.

Five years later Pharad announces the commercial availability of their Wearable Antennas.

Originally developed for the military and public safety/first responder markets, the wearable antennas feature small size, flexibility and enhanced electromagnetic performance, all in a waterproof textile package.

To give designer flexibility on the integration of a wearable antennas into clothing, Pharad offers the antenna as a module allowing the free placement of the wearable antenna in the garment.

Wearable_GSM_Antenna.jpgUnlike other antenna solutions, Pharad’s wearable antennas are purpose designed and optimized to be worn on the body. They can be integrated into a variety of clothing and outer wear for the consumer market as well.

Pharad’s state-of-the-art, thin flexible material called Flextenna® has proven their benefits in the military and first responder area but will have great value in the consumer market like outdoor garments used in remote areas where cellphone reception is limited, allowing the ‘extra mile’ on signal boost.

Besides the wearable antenna module for GSM Quad band cellular phones many other wireless communication frequency range modules are available up to UWB (Ultra Wide Band) the next big thing in portable connectivity.

Even in the city a juiced up reception from a wearable antenna in a shirt, jacket or bag will ensure an always-on digital lifestyle experience in the occasional blind GSM or GPS spot between the skyscrapers.

For the commercialization of the wearable antenna Pharad formed in 2007 the Octane brand under which derivative products can be sold as standard commercial-off-the-shelf products.

Doesn’t mean off-the-shelf for you and me but for clothing and bag brands who can integrate the wearable antenna in their products, giving us the choice to buy and use it.

There is plenty of space on clothing and bags that could be used for additional wireless signal reception and stronger signals means less battery train of our cellphones.

[source: PR-inside]


  1. This seems like a very well thought out idea, and would be extremely practical in the civilian sector. The only thing is this device doesn’t seem to be a tangible solution for the U.S. Military and their operational needs. I have found in my search for something military oriented a website called WearableAntenna.com. This device in a nutshell is a “omni directional antenna” which means it broadcasts in 360 degrees. It is also easily concealable with in our FLAK jackets (bulletproof vests).

  2. i Think this would be a paramount idea as todays military is still using equipment from the vietnam era.

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