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fabrickitAlmost 2 years ago we beamed up on talk2myShirt the plan of Studio 5050 to created a set of wearable electronic modules that allow designers and DIY enthusiasts to concentrate on the design rather than spending time of putting together the electronics in a textile friendly way.

The waiting time for theses modules is over. Despina Papadopoulos, founder of Studio 5050 and Zach Eveland, president of Blacklabel Development, officially launched the ‘fabrickit‘, a collection of wearable electronic modules or ‘bricks’, at World Maker Fair in New York last weekend.

The first modules available include a removable, rechargeable Coin Cell Battery Brick, x-LED Brick with built-in resistor and a Snap Connector Brick which makes connections fast and easy.

As you might imagine, the ‘fabrickit’ collection will be expanded over time adding the most common function one needs for a wearable electronic project.

Great attention has been given not only to the functionality design but also the appliance of the ‘fabrickit’ modules which look so good I can imagine using them as design element rather than to hide them away underneath layers of fabrics.

‘Fabrickit’ design files are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Check out the ‘fabrickit’ library and pick up your first modules bricks at the ‘fabrickit’ store.

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