Water and Sun reactive fashion by Amy Winters

Amy-Winters-Rainforest-dressAmy Winters is a new media artist and fashion designer whose work lies at the intersection of fashion, visual arts, music, film, dance and theater. The British/Swiss artist graduated from Central Saint Martin’s in 2006 with a BA in Theater Design.

Her first ready-to wear collection was on the runway during this month London Fashion Week, a capsule collection of wearable printed garments which change color in reaction to sunlight and water.

Based on Hydrochromic and Photochromic technology, Amy’s collection stands far out from the designs I have seen so far utilizing these chameleon affective materials.

Beautifully integrated into the style of a dress, using the technology to enhance and not to be an add-on.

Her Spring/Summer 2011 collection – yes the fashion world is already busy to get out the next season’s fashion – is inspired by the vibrant color of the Rain-forest, light rain, cloud bursts and tropical thunderstorms.

The water-reactive ink disappears revealing the color underneath the dress whilst the sun-reactive ink turns the Rain-forest dress purple.


I love the aesthetically sophisticated look of her collection which shows the full potential of Hydrochromic and Photochromic inks applied to clothing.

Amy Winters is a fashion designer to follow closely if you are looking for the Haute-Tech touch in your wardrobe. Check out her amazing collection and other projects at Rainbowwinters.com


  1. Hi Amy,

    I love the work! Fabulous!!!! Being a former FIDM girl I sooo appreciate fashion. I’m happy you chose Matsui International for the ink samples. All the best!!!

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