T-Sketch puts a illuminated whiteboard on your chest

T_Sketch.gifAnother day, another unique T-Shirt. After seeing the amazing Soundtrack T-Shirt becoming a reality the next big thing might be the T-Sketch T-Shirt that made it’s round all over the Internet might be another surprise hit among the techno fashion community.

The T-Sketch T-Shirt is a full member of Interactive Fashion as it provides you your personal white board on your chest. You can easily show off your personal message that can be changed any time as you might change your mind (hopefully not all the time).

Gadgets.co.uk is planing to bring the T-Sketch to the market. According to their (future) product page ‘Whatever you draw or write on the special section of the shirt will be converted into an illuminated message or design.’

You can change the flashing sequence to suit your personal preference and make this innovative garment truly individual.

This sounds like a new, innovative display technology for garments or the use of EL technology with some ‘magic’ writing on it?

The only thing we know is the T-Sketch runs on 2 x AAA batteries.

Pre-order is possible on their site but no hint when it will be available. The estimated price is £29.95 ($59.32) not too bad actually if I can really write my grocery list on my chest 😉

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