Rhyme&Reason – knitwear and fabric enlivened by illumination

Rhyme-and-Reason-collection_Mary-HuangTwo years ago Mary Huang, at that time student of Design|Media Arts department at UCLA started weaving and knitting with light.

The interview I have done with her was inspiring and shed already some light on her future relation with fashion and technology.

Fast forward into our present day, Mary’s Rhyme&Reason collection evolved technically up to the point at which she started a ‘made to order’ business enabling techno fashionistas to own and wear illuminated dresses with a magical light touch.

Each piece of her collection (scroll down on her Website and browse through the different styles) is handmade so every garment will be unique. Slight customizations to the design for each individual are also welcome.

Mary incorporates dozens of bright white LEDs into each garment with the connections made of conductive yarn woven through the knit or sewn onto the fabric for an invisible finish.

Included in the dress is a custom made Li-ion battery that lasts for around 8 hours of illumination as well as a battery charger. Making a dress takes around one month.

The prices range from around $ 600.- for a scarf to $2200.- for a coat.

Rhyme&Reason can be see on Sept 24 + 25 at the Center for Performance Research 361 Manhattan Avenue, Unit 1, Brooklyn, NY during the Indelible Dance performance.


The video below is a short teaser of Mary Huang’s Rhyme&Reason collection that captivates through the magic of illuminated fashion.

For fashionistas looking for the extraordinary wardrobe touch, Rhyme&Reason is something to consider adding to the growing Haute Tech collection of her wardrobe.

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