Soundtrack T-Shirt becomes reality through the power of the Consumer voice

soundtrack_t_shirt.jpgThe Soundtrack T-Shirt started out as an April Fool’s day joke but will become reality thanks to the power of the Consumer voice.

Point in case: on April 1st we (and many other blogs) posted about the Soundtrack T-Shirt from ThinkGeek which¬† was ‘created’ as an April Fool’s day joke. An attempt to order it ended on a page saying what it was: 1st of April, sorry we don’t ship this item.

But things changed over at ThinkGeek as they where overwhelmed with requests from all over the Internet so they decided it’s time to make the Soundtrack T-Shirt for real.

Here is the text from ThinkGeeks Website regarding the Soundtrack T-Shirt:
Important Note – Due to overwhelming popular demand we’re turning this April Fool’s product into a real product and it might take a little while.

It seems a lot of people are exited about having a personal sound track while walking through life.

We will keep an eye on ThinkGeek and report back once they start shipping or you sign up for an email notification on their site to be the first to have it.

This example shows the power of the consumer voice – without the huge response ThinkGeek might just have filed this idea as April Fool’s day joke.

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