Textiles and Electronics Workshop

Textiles-and-Electronics-WorkshopSarah and Lara Grant, a sisterly team with interests in physical computing, electronic textiles, controller design and signal processing, both students at NYU ITP, inviting to join their ‘Textiles and Electronics Workshop‘ this Friday Sept 17th at The Tank, 354 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036.

The workshop will start with a demonstration how to create textile sensors and how to integrate these sensors with simple signal processing circuits for controlling sound output.

Workshop participants will then have the opportunity to get their hands on the handmade conductive felt, crocheted stretch sensors, conductive batting and machine-sewn resistors made by Sarah and Lara.

After the inspirational introduction, the workshop will walk participants through building a simple sound producing circuit and how to connect it to a soft sensor.

Participants are encouraged to bring in their own simple circuits in lieu of constructing one with the group.

The workshop fee is $25.- which includes materials in order to build a VCO circuit and a soft variable resistor. You can pay the fee at the door or register online following this link.

Update: this link brings you directly to the ticket reservation page for this Workshop – have fun and please don’t forget to send us some photos from this event.

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