Walk on Light – the Luminoso Rug

Luminoso_Rug.jpgRugs that light-up seems to become a new trend for the sophisticated lifestyle.

First we saw the FootLume with EL light in a Rug to light the way in the dark and now we have the Luminoso, a Wool Rug interwoven with LEDs.

The Luminoso is a creation from Top Floor an interior design company focussed on flooring. Top Floor was founded in 1998 and has become a leading source for distinctive contemporary hand-made rugs and carpets, winning numerous awards for their designs.

Top Floor’s rug collections are created by founder and Design Director Esti Barnes.

The Luminoso rug has hundreds of tiny LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) woven into it creating an animated light pattern symbolizing a galaxy in the far distance.

I like the idea of an living, animated rug instead of a ‘death’ piece of textile lying around in my living room. Imagine the out-of-this-world atmosphere such a rug creates.

Top Floor’s rugs and carpets are made to order that means any size and color scheme is possible and the cost will be …. made to order. Check out directly with Top Floor if you like to walk on Light in your living room.

[via: Gizmodo]


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