Realtime update on your cellphone from your baby’s Exmobaby pajama

Exmobaby-sleep-suitOver the past years we have seen quite some wearable technology concepts and products around babies, ranging from music radiating maternity wear for the unborn, allowing unborn babies to tweet their first movements or baby clothing that changes color when baby’s temperature rises.

The latest high-tech baby wear takes the ‘always connected’ term of your generation to a new level as mothers can check in real time on a cellphone about baby’s well-being.

Exmovere Holdings, a biomedical engineering company developed the Exmobaby sleep suit fitted with washable conductive bio-sensor textile that connects to a Zigbee wireless transceiver to send biometric data like heartbeat, emotional state and behavior to a cellphone or computer. The information will be presented in form of icons – cute and intuitive idea.

In this case I don’t see a ‘Big Brother’ like monitoring sneaking up in our society but to some degree a quite usefully wearable technology application that could give a little peace of mind especially to young and inexperienced parents or in cases where especial attention around the clock has to be given to the little one.

Exmovere is planning a first limited edition market intro of 1000 units in early 2011 for ‘selected buyers from a waiting list‘.

The Exmobaby sleep suit set will include an Exmobaby garment, a Zigbee transceiver, PC and cell phone monitoring software and six months of online service.

I like the product concept, especially the fact that this is not some demonstration kit but a product soon to be in the market, even if it is only in a very limited edition at first.

[source: medGadget via Gizmag]

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