Book preview: Functional Aesthetics by Sabine Seymour

Functional-Aesthetics_Sabine-SeymourSince the day Sabine Seymour published the wearable technology book ‘Fashionable Technology‘ I have been waiting for follow up on the success with another book.

Two years of waiting are soon over as Amazon accepts pre-orders for her second book titled: Functional Aesthetics: Visions in Fashionable Technology. The accompanying Website is also ready to be populated once the book is released.

The book will reveal some of the work Sabine has done lately, work about projects between the poles of fashion, design, technology, and sciences.

Just by scanning the chapter headlines like ‘Body Sculpture’, ‘Scientific Couture’, ‘Material Explorations’ or ‘Woven Interface’, to name a few makes me carving to get my hands on this book.

Functional Aesthetics includes also the latest information around wearable technologies including publications, inspirations and DIY resources.

I am eagerly awaiting my copy of Functional Aesthetics: Visions in Fashionable Technology on Sept. 29th (the official release date) and dive deep into the 250 pages full with her observations, inspirations and analysis of  wearable technologies.

After my reading you will find a book review here at this very place that is fully dedicated to wearable technologies.


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