Urban Performer Unit for your digital lifestyle

Urban_performer_unit.jpg Urban Tool the Digital Lifestyle label from Vienna is preparing the launch of another cool urban tool, the Urban Performer Unit.We have seen last month the perCushion, a pillow that allows to make phone calls, a great accessory for the digital lifestyle at home.

The target for the Urban Performer Unit is the digital lifestyle on the move.

A unisex handbag with crystallized controlling. The bag allows to control the iPod from its outside surface which incorporates Swarovski crystals.

The crystals indicate the iPod functions and status. A sophisticated design combining technology with emotion.

The bags outer material is fine black leather which gives a high contrast for the crystal coding of the iPod functions: Play/Stop/Pause, Forward/Back and Volume +/-


Next to the iPod, the bag is prepared to take all your digital lifestyle tools like PDA, cellphone and (digital) wallet neatly arranged and ready for use.

Launch date for the Urban Performer Unit is set for Christmas 2008 with a price tag of 329,00 EUR ($517.80)

The Urban Performer Unit is a creative merge of technology, emotional materials and sophisticated design, demonstrating the future of interactive fashion accessories.


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