Audex Jacket

audex_jacket.jpgBurton has massive expanded their offer of Wearable Electronics for the Fall/Wnter season 2007/2008 with the Audex range of Jackets with different functionalities.

The Audex wearable electronics collection 2007 offers the ultimate blend of technology and snowboard function, enabling easy wireless communication and music entertainment for consumers on the move.

New for 2007, the Audex Bluetooth Stereo System allows consumers to stream downloaded music wireless from a compatible Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to the Audex jacket allowing users to listen to music and make calls with a push of a button on the jacket sleeve. There is also an Outerwear style that includes built-in DJ-style speakers in the hood and/or an integrated headphone jack.

This is the second generation of Audex products and represents a strong commitment between Motorola, which is supporting the electronic development, and Burton to offer snowboarders new technologies that will enhance and simplify life.

The price of the Audex Jacket starts at $150.- and goes up to $600.- depending on the Jacket style and functionality.

This link goes to on of the many online stores that offer the Audex Jackets.

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