Interactive Textiles for body mapping garments

Body_mapping_sleeve.jpgInteractive Textiles are not limited to control the iPod or other electronic devices but could also be useful for body-mapping garments as a project by Australians CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology demonstrates.

The idea is as following: to help basketball players to find their ideal shot-making rhythm and motion the system plays a series of beats in-sync with their arm and wrist movements as they take a shot.

The beats are triggered as the limbs move through certain positions. If the motion is ‘correct’ the beats will sound like parts of a disco drum rhythm indicating the ‘best’ movement to net the ball.

If the rhythm doesn’t make sense the player knows something went wrong and the ball will end off the target.

I am not sure if this interactive textile sleeve will be of any help during a game as the press release from CSIRO states but for training purpose it might make sense.

The potential of the wearable body mapping sleeve goes beyond basketball players, it will find use in other sport applications as well as in areas like entertainment, education, military, rehabilitation and medicine according Dr Richard Helmer, Technology scientist at CSIRO Textile and Fibre Division.

I would say a promising start into body mapping garments. Let’s keep an eye on the further development of this concept and see which area will first benefit from a body mapping garment.

[source: CSIRO via Dvice]

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