Dress up like Katy Perry with the glowing K-Dress from CuteCircuit

CuteCircuit_K-dressIt looks like CuteCircuit is heading into a bright fashion future with their recent launch of the twinkling Twirkle Shirt collection and soon to be launched M-Dress.

The latest Haute-Tech dress CuteCircuit is preparing to launch is according to Grazia the K-Dress. I guess the ‘K’ of this dress comes from Katy Perry’s sparkling dress CuteCircuit made for her red carpet appearance during the Met Gala of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The K-Dress is a scaled down version, using less LEDs but from my perspective look gorgeous with the light element running down one side of the dress, pleasantly to look at.

UK retailer Selfridges announced to exclusively launch the K-Dress as part of its Christmas offer.

According to information from Selfridges ‘… the lights in the dress can create a stunning dynamic range of colors fully controlled by the wearer using the tiny push button controller.’

The light up element  of the K-Dress is capable to display waves of color shades, changing the intensity of the light from discrete to eye-catching, in short, creating a magical style element controlled via a tiny button on the dress.

Knowing myself how challenging the integration of LED light elements into clothing is I am truly amazed how soon CuteCircuit made it happen to bring such sophisticated, technology enriched fashion not only on stage put make it available to the general public, to feel and be like a star by wearing it.

The K-Dress will retail for £1,350 or around $2,100.- a steep price point at first look but for this type of high fashion wardrobe, a small amount for a very unique wardrobe item.

[via: StyleGuru]


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