Wearable Technology goes academic

Univeristy-of-Florence_Wearable-TechnologyThe University of Florence, with participation of PlugandWear, is running the high profile course ‘Wearable Technology – a hands on analysis of electronics in innovative textile and prototype development’ from Nov. 13 to Nov. 15 in Florence – Italy.

University courses dedicated to Wearable Technology offer an important step towards a more structural approach to bring technology enhanced fashion towards reality. I am very much in favor of the early days of technology explorer and the DIY community which enthusiastically embrace the potential of wearable technology but as any new technology evolves, a knowledge base with special skills is needed to create the infrastructure on which businesses can build upon.

The University of Florence’s course is organized in two modules, the base module consisting of 10 hours of theory in electronic components like LED, capacitors, resistors, switches IC and batteries, components most suitable for first technology integration into clothing.

Included in the 10 hour base module are exercises with fabric switches, sensors, actuators and an LED circuit. Part of this first module is an additional 6 hour Prototype workshop.

The second ‘Advanced’ module consists of 9 hours of theory and exercises plus 1 hour prototyping workshop with EL fibers, shape memory textiles, stroke sensor, Piezoelectric sensors using the Arduino platform.

The course fee is €600.- for both modules or €400.- for the base module and €300.- for the advanced module. You can even get 1 Credit from the University of Florence for each module. The same course is also available in Italian from Nov. 27 to Nov. 29

Here is the link (will open a PDF document) for the complete program and this link for downloading the application form (also points to a PDF document on the University of Florence Website).

The Application form has to be submitted to the Department of Architecture – Design, History, Project; Via Gramsci 42, Florence, 50132, Italy, following directions found in the registration form. The registration deadline is Sept. 30, 2010

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