New Solar bags from Sunload

Sunload_Solar_Rucksack.jpgIn time for the sunny season Sunload started rolling out the 2008 Solar bags we wrote about back in January.

The first in our overview is the SolarRucksack (backpack) which comes in two sizes, small and large and many color shades.

Sunloads Solar bags come with a ‘on board’ storage battery and can operate any electric device via a USB connection or 12V car adapter.

The solar charging electronic Sunload uses is one of the best i have seen in the market. Controlled via a keypad with illuminated load status display, the internal lithium-ion battery has a power rating of (70Wh) and a capacity of 4.500mAh. This capacity allows many charges for an iPod, iPhone, Blackberry and similar portable devices.

The large solar panel delivers ~6W, a voltage of ~16,7V and current of ~360mAh when the sun hits it head on. All in all, a real power house bag.


The SolarRucksack comes in many different colors like: black, brown, red, orange, royal blue, navy, silver or tricolor and some more on request. The price is €599.- ($ 942.97) direct by Sunload.

Sunload_solar_Shopper.jpgNext to the new Solar Rucksack, Sunload has the SolarShopper, a nice and practical shopping bag (material: truck tarpaulins).

Available in many different colors like: traffic white, light ivory, zinc yellow, signal yellow, pure orange, traffic red, carmine red, yellow green, moss green, sky blue, cobalt blue, silver, grey, jet black. The price is €499.- ($ 785.15) direct by Sunload.

By adding constantly new models, Sunload has a large selection by now which makes it easy to select the best fitting Solar bag for almost any occasion an, taste and purpose.

Wherever you go, wherever you are, any time the sun is shining, the Solar power will be with you.


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