Light animated suit controlled via iPhone and WiFi

iPhone-controlled_LED-shuitMarc, a engineer and software guru from Miami created an amazing, light animated suit that will be for sure the highlight of every party you show up with it.

His iPhone Controlled LED Suit can serve as yardstick and inspiration for everyone who plans to create interactive fashion with outstanding light effects.

Marc sewed LED modules into the jacket and pants and controls the light pattern via WiFi from an iPhone App he too developed. The App can create random light animation or pattern.

To top off this amazing design, a glove serves as concealment for a microphone and accelerometer which adds movement and sound into the light animation mixture make the light pattern as random as life itself.

What a great, cool concept design. Check out the video below for some stunning visuals.

More details on the making of the iPhone Controlled LED Suit can be found on Marc’s dedicated LED suit Blog ‘uiproductions

[via Ubergizmo]


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