MagIC T-Shirt for health monitoring

MagIC-wireless-T-ShirtI use frequently the word ‘magic’ in connection with illuminated clothing as light radiates a kind of magic especially when it comes from objects that are not (yet) commonly known to light up like …. clothing.

The word ‘Magic’ in connection with health monitoring T-Shirts has another meaning in this case as ‘MagIC‘ stands for the Italian acronym ‘Maglietta interattiva computerizzata’ (‘computerized interactive T-Shirt’).

‘MagIC’ is a wireless, bio sensor equipped prototype T-Shirt in the space of telemedicine applications. It has been developed by the Telemedicine and Wearable Sensors Laboratory of the Technological Pole and the Biomedical Research Department of the Milan-based Research Hospital Santa Maria Nascente (IRCCS S. Maria Nascente), Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation.

The technological status of this Magical T-Shirt is very advanced based on several years of intensive field testing involving about 200 subjects placed in various situations, from seniors with a heart condition in recovery stay in hospital to rehabilitation patients and, in the framework of a European project, to people recovering at home.

The MagIC design received the CE marking last year and is now in the transition from research and development to first volume production and use as new tool in hospitalization and patient recovery.

The benefits of wearable, integrated bio monitoring clothing have been highlighted many times as it offers higher degree of convenience for patients as well as a seamless, continuous monitoring from hospital personal in a very unobtrusive way.

A small electronic module the size of a cell phone is connected directly on the shirt. Textile based sensors pick up vital body parameters to store but also transmit wireless the data to a control stations via Bluetooth.

As it is often the case, one’s need is serving as well the desire of others. Body monitoring is certainly not only limited to be of great value in patient care it offers benefits by observing cardio vascular performance of sportive activities and the monitoring of physiological parameters under extreme environmental conditions.

The benefits of bio-monitoring clothing are obvious but we are still waiting for first products commercially available. The MagIC T-Shirt seems to be very close to make this happen within the next 12 month.

[source: Telemeditalia via ePractice]

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