Soundtrack T-Shirt replaces your iPod

soundtrack_t_shirt.jpgForget your iPod or whatever music player you have. Your T-Shirt will make the soundtrack for your life. The ultimate Wearable Audio solution.

ThinkGeek, famous for funky techno enabled T-Shirts offers the Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt with an build in speaker right in front of your chest.

Unfortunately the remote control is not integrated into the shirt as we have seen by so many jackets using textile switches. This should have been no problem to integrate as well, I would think.

The shirt’s music system has a long list of pre-recorded sound tracks which will cover almost any live situation you get into. With a push of a button you can spice up your life with the right soundtrack like: Entrance Theme, Chase Theme, Romantic Theme, Sexy Time Theme, Victory Theme and many more.

An equal long list of sound effects covers: Cheering, Booing, Crying, Gunshots, Police Siren and more.

The remote allows the selection of 13 music themes and 11 sound effects. Music and sound effects fade up and down when choosing a new sound for a seamless life experience. The T-shirt’s sound system requires 4 AA batteries.

Maybe not a complete replacement for your iPod but interesting enough to have a closer look. Yeah, it’s April 1. So check out if this is for real by clicking over to ThinkGeeks online store and order one for just $39.99

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