Solar bag Spring 2008 collection from Noon Solar

noon_solar_spring2008.jpg Noon launched last autumn the most stylish looking Solar totes and satchels which have sold out already. If you did not manage to get your Noon Solar bag you have another chance: in a few days Noon will launch the Spring 2008 Solar totes and satchels collection looking as gorgeous as the last line.

The new models (pictured on the left) are the Sawyer, a unisex messenger bag in mustard and chocolate and the Oakley, a maroon tote.

Among the solar bags in the market, Noon’s solar bags are not only very fashionable looking, they come with a high end solar-to-electricity conversion module. The module shows the loading status of the battery, a very helpful feature to manage your power eating gadgets. In case of rainy days you can load up the bags power module via mains to ensure enough power is in your bag for an extra charge of the portable devices while on a extended road trip.

Noon takes the environmental sustainability to the a highest levels using carefully chosen materials for their bags based on sustainability, longevity, and beauty.

Materials that can either bio-degrade naturally or be reclaimed and re-used. This ‘cradle to cradle’ philosophy, rather than the common ‘cradle to grave’ product lifespan helps minimizing the growth of our already overflowing landfills.

The Spring 2008 Solar bag collection will be available in April online and in retail stores in US. As soon as the new bags become available we will beam it up here on our blog to make sure you get your Noon Solar bag before they are sold out.

[source: treehugger]

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