Polar job listing – Textile Engineering and Wearable Electronics

polar_wearable-electronicsIt looks like we can create a section for job openings in wearable electronic. After Adidas started building up their wearable electronic team Polar is now starting to build their wearable electronic team. If you are interested and match Polar’s job profile you can apply for the ‘Specialist, Textile Engineering and Wearable Electronics‘.

The wearable electronic specialist at Polar will be responsible for specification, design, implementation and verification of wearable electronics and textiles in Polar products. The job will include maintaining existing textile products as well as designing new pilot products, materials, features, textures, and techniques.

Applicants are expected to have strong experience in textile design and wearable electronics next to obvious things like textile or electronic degree, experience of supplier relations and manufacturing and more.

Read the complete application guidelines on this site. Applications for this job must be send no later than August 29th – so still some time to polish your CV.

There is just one catch – the work location of the Specialist in Textile Engineering and Wearable Electronics for Polar is at their headquarters in Kempele, Finland.

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  1. I am in final year textile engeneering and i am very much interested in this field of textiles.I would like to know where and how to apply also the eligibility cruteria for applications.
    Can a fresher apply?

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