DIY wearable tech – Auto lacing shoe

Auto-lacing-shoeInstructables member blakebevin posed a project that comes very close to fulfilling one of my longtime dreams: Power Laces – the Auto lacing shoe.

Since I was small and may be inspired by ‘Back to The Future II’ I always wanted to have shoes that lace themselves to support my natural laziness.

Finally the long wait for a solution is now almost over, that is if I can get myself together and follow blakebevin’s instructions.

The whole project is quite challenging from technical perspective but thanks to the excellent step-by-step instructions illustrated with many photos, a self lacing shoe is within reach, at least one that can demonstrate how useful and cool that could be.

The lacing power is controlled by an Arduino micro-controller which gets into action as soon as you step into the shoe and the force sensor reads the pressure of your foot. Two servo motors will then activate to apply tension to the laces, tightening the shoe. To unlace, a touch switch reverses the servos.

I love this high-tech design and although it might not be yet fit to hit the streets it is brilliant in the conceptional build up, a great object to draw inspirations for wearable technology designs.

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