FootLume, the glow rug for night time navigation in your home

footlume.jpgOur homes get a lot of attention lately from the ‘soft technology’ innovation corner.

We have covered the wakeup call with the glow Pillow and now we have a rug that lights our way to the bed or bathroom at night: the FootLume – a rug that glows.

FootLume, created by Zoe Robson and Leona Dean, is an illuminating rug that adds a touch of truly contemporary style for the design conscious home.

But there is also a practical element in the FootLume concept: pressure sensors in the rug activate light patterns with electroluminescent technology used for example in the WiFi Shirt of Equalizer Shirt.

The sensor will activate light pattern with each step showing the way in the dark. EL technology gives off soft light just enough for indication without illuminating the whole room.

Zoe and Leona met back in 2005 while studying for a BSC course in Engineering Design. During their study time they came up with FootLume next to other ideas and started their own company – Zolo Designs.

According to Leona Dean “… the glow that the rug emits is very soft which could make the rug useful as a child’s night light. Another use could be to help the elderly to find their way in the dark. A great idea is to use the glow rug to light the way to bed after a night in the pub without waking up your partner.”


“It can provide ambient mood lighting, or flash in time to music as a talking point at a party. The manufacturing techniques mean that the styling of the product can easily be changed to suit the end user.”

Currently Zoe and Leona are at the London South Bank University (LSBU) particibating in the Enterprise Associate Scheme which supports students with entrepreneurial flair.

The FootLume rug is exhibited at London’s Ideal Home Show which is running until April 6. The exhibition is a opportunity for both to find a manufacturing partner to bring the FootLume glow rug into our homes.

Let’s hope the search for a manufacturer is successful and we can find the FootLume in a interior store soon. I certainly have use for it thinking about the pub scenario above.

[source: LSBU via Gizmodo]


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