Adidas is further expanding it’s wearable electronic team

Adidas-wearable-electronics2In case you haven’t seen yet the comment on our blog posting about Adidas search for a wearable electronic designer, they have also a job opening for a Wearable Electronics Development Engineer for Software & Hardware development.

According to the job opening your area of operation will be as a member of the adidas Wearable Sports Electronics (aWSE) to deliver new innovative wearable sports electronics garments.

The focus in this job will be on the ideation, development, realization and test validation of embedded software and hardware components, as well as the creation and integration of new methods for signal treatment and algorithms.

Sounds again highly interesting and as I am very sure that the majority of talk2myShirt reader will be highly motivated working for a top brand and wearable electronic development the only thing only you can judge is: are you fit to take on the challenge?

For more details and to apply for that job check out the Adidas Job profile page.

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