DIY wearable electronic – LED Bead Jig

LED-Bead-JigThe portability for eTextile enthusiasts for the need of sewable LEDs is very high as almost everyone I know off will make at one point illuminated details in their designs.

Getting sewable LEDs can be a challenge especially if you look for these tiny-tiny SMD LEDs with beads on either side.

Leah Buechly created this type of sewable LEDs way back in her early days of eTextile work. For some time such sewable LED beads could be bought but lately most available sewable LEDs come with a tiny PCB which is OK for some projects but personally I like the even smaller LED beads.

But making them is quite a challenge – I have done that put it takes ages, a steady hand and lot of patients.

Luckily a very creative Instructables member Carleyy has come up with a great solution how to fabricate SMD LED Beads in an almost professional way by designing a jig that allows to fabricate these little light points in a controlled and in a more painless way.

I haven’t build the LED Beads Jig myself yet but surly I will use Carleyy’s excellent instructions and make this jig next time I need again these tiny light points for my design experiments.

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