Power ties, a great gift for engineers, scientists and gadget fan-boys

power_Tie.jpgWhen it comes to fashion accessories the boys have usually less choice than the girls. One of the fashion accessories where men can express his individuality is a tie.

Single color ties for the more conservative occasions, patterned ties for the smart casual and the myriad of printed ties to express any kind of mood, taste, preferences and what else you have.

Enlighted, a company founded by Janet Cooke Hansen to create her own “dream job” as a light-up clothing designer offers the Power Ties™ collection adding a new light dimension to ties.

Next to a couple of mono color ties with light points a Printed Circuit Board Tie with 5 red LEDs attracted my attention.

This cute tie makes a great gift for engineers, computer scientists, and gadget fan-boys.

This is not to say engineer and gadget girls can not use this tie as well. Many girls ‘borrow’ a tie from their boyfriends once in a while to spice up the outfit.

The circuit board pattern is printed on the fabric, but the lights in this design come to live and flash in a variety of different patterns.

power_tie_battery.jpgThe Power Ties are powered by a pair of CR2032 coin cell batteries hidden on the backside of the tie and last for around 10 hours blinking and flashing.

Giving the Printed Circuit Board Power Tie to your electronic or software wizard might give you higher priority when you need help for your next Wearable Electronic project.

A little bit of bribery, especially when looking that cute can not harm ;-)

The Printed circuit board tie is available for $60.- directly by Enlighted.

nerve_bra.jpgEnlighted has many more enlightened accessories in their program and in case the girls under our readers feel a little discriminated by our boys coverage, have a look at the many light-up bras Enlighten offers.

Maybe these bras are not the best outfit to wear around the office but you will definitely attract your engineering friends attention with one of those bras during the next party.

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