Wearables Master Class – Design the symbiosis of digital components and clothing

Wearables_Master_Class.jpgBuilding on the last workshop: Designing Hybrid Wearables, Mediamatic organizes an advanced wearable course from Apr. 15 to 18 in Oosterdokskade 5, Amsterdam: Wearables Master Class – Design the symbiosis of digital components and clothing

Trainers, lecturers & assistants for this workshop: Leah Buechley, Maurin Donneaud, Vincent Roudaut, Anouk Wipprecht and Dirk van Oosterbosch.

This highly creative team is not just talking about pimping clothing – they are investigating the electronic extrapolation of the role of clothing and fashion.

Integrating advanced technology into clothing that gives added value, that extends the function of clothing.

One of those advanced technologies is without question Leah Buechley‘s e-textile construction kit LilyPad Arduino which will be at the center of the action. Besides the LilyPad there will be Bluetooth- and regular Arduino’s available as workshop material as well as a collection of sensors and actuators.

The workshop is designed for a maximum of 16 computer scientists, fashion designers, hardware hackers, fabric experts, product developers or media-makers.

As this is a Master Class only people with experience and/or a very thorough understanding of electronics and relevant experience with design processes will be accepted. When you are not sure about your qualification you can contact the organizer on mediamatic.net

To get tuned into the Master Class Workshop have a look at the creativity of the last one: Designing Hybrid Wearables which was co-organized by Dana Gordon interaction designer and artist and Jean-Baptiste Labrune PhD student in interaction design in INRIA and University Paris Sud in France.

The flickr stream from Jean-Baptiste shows the creative fun the group had during the Workshop.

The workshop presentation Jean-Baptiste send us (a big Thank You) contains the creative process and the projects that have been build during the Designing Hybrid Wearables workshop. Click the button below to download the presentation (pdf format).


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