Wearable electronic againts pick pocketing

Power-packed-jeansImagine a pickpocket trying to steal your wallet but instead of getting your money he or she is in for a 220-volt jolt!

We have seen before the use of high voltage shock clothing like the No-Contact jacket designed for security and other law enforcement personal to give of an electric shock when touched by someone.

Shyam Chaurasia, a resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi district in India gives another twist to this shocking, wearable design by giving an electrifying slap to pickpockets with his ‘Power-packed Jeans‘ design.

He designed a kit using some thin copper wires concealed as stitches on the back pockets of a pair of jeans, capacitors that collect and store electricity, electromagnetic switches and a 3-volt battery. The circuitry transforms DC power into high voltage AC power (similar to a electronic inverter used in EL T-shirts for example).

To activate the pocket power, flip the switch and the pickpockets will be in for the shock of their life.

Although his design might not be flawless at this point like when the jeans go wet what happens then or you forget to switch off before reaching yourself into the pocket –  I am sure a bit of thinking can make this work without the risk of having a shocking experience.

In any case, the idea is what counts and I find it brilliant, especially when visiting crowded places the risk of pocket snatching is high. The same principle might become also handy when integrated into a handbag, the prime target of pick pockets around the world.


  1. Awesome man a very advance and useful thing for daily routine. Most of the places are very rushy and in hurry we are not much careful about our things. That are the best place for thieve to work quickly. It reduces the bad happening with the people. Who earn money with hard work.

  2. What a fantastic idea. I lost my wallet once and although I can’t be sure I think it was a pickpocket job. I would of loved to see 220 volts go through the fingers of my thief

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