Secret Sale by ScotteVest

ScotteVest_Rodeo.jpgSecret and Sale in our headline suggest something very special – right?! We will not disappoint you in this respect.

ScotteVest celebrates it’s 7th anniversary, seven years since the first technology enabled jacket became reality, the forerunner of Interactive Clothing.

To celebrate this anniversary in style, Scott Jordan, CEO and Founder of ScotteVest, is holding a Secret Sale.

To benefit from this secret you need to used the secret coupon code SECRET7SALE during check out and you will save 50% of selected items like the Classic Vest 4.0, the Fleece 4.0, the Tactical 4.0 and the Rodeo

Just follow the links above and have a closer look. This secret sale is not open to the public and these deals will not appear anywhere on the site.

Why do we know about this? ….  it’s a secret 😉

ScotteVest may open this offer to the public later but many sizes and colors might be gone by then, so using the secret word above gives you more choices.

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