Sweet dreams with the Speaker Pillow

sleepsonic_speaker_pillow.jpgHaving difficulty to fall asleep after a stressful day? We found something to skip the sleeping pills: the Sleep Better Sleepsonic® Speaker Pillow.

We had all sorts of speaker pillows in our coverage but the new range of Sleepsonic® is positively outstanding.

Firstly there is the benefit of not needing additional batteries unlike all the other speaker pillows we have seen so far. No need to change the batteries of your pillow – great.

A volume control on the pillow allows to fine tune the volume setting making it easy to glide into dream land.

Secondly, there is a range of different designs available to choose from like: polar fleece, brocade quilt and natural cotton quilt fabric cover in the colors white or black.

speaker_pillow.jpgAny digital, stereo CD/tape, MP3, PC, portable or home stereo system can be connected. Small devices close to the pillow or with the included extension cord (9 ft) further away.

The high sound quality comes from a pair of built-in custom-made stereo speakers which are integrated into the pillows inner part.

Sleepsonic’s speaker pillows can be used on its own, inside your pillowcase, or on top of your personal sleep pillow (like in the image on top) – whatever you prefer.

Prices range from $109.95 up to $136.95 depending on pillow size and material type. Available online by Sleepsonic or other online retailers.

Recently we covered a design concept of the glow Pillow that helps getting you up softly in the morning and the speaker pillow helps getting you into dreamland softly and relaxed. I wonder when both worlds will meet in one and the same pillow.

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