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Capacitor-fibreStaying a bit in the fiber since field today’s article is about a development coming from Jian Feng Gu at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China.

Mr. Jian Feng Gu and his team work on a simple rolled capacitor from a sheet of conducting polymer sandwiched between two insulating sheets of low density polyethylene.

They then roll this sandwich into a cylinder and encase it in high density polyethylene. next they heat it and then extrude it through a tiny hole to form a fiber with a diameter of less than a millimeter.

If the conditions are just right, the plastics all stretch in exactly the same way so that the internal structure of the fibre is a smaller version of the original.

The result would be a fiber that is soft and flexible and has a capacitance some 1000 times greater than an equivalent co-axial cable. With such super fiber, fabrics can be woven to make garments serving as electrical power storage, power collected from piezoelectric fibers or flexible solar panels integrated into such garments.

Research into advanced, technical textile fibers are the cornerstone of the future of smart clothing. Attaching electronic components as we see right now is a interesting, exploratory step towards the full integration of functionality into fibers, the building block of fabrics and at the end clothing in many different forms.

[source: Technology Review]

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