Cool School gear – a binder that doubles as speaker

Sound_Binder.jpgSchool supplies never sounded so good! Five Star®, maker of cool, high quality binder adds a new dimension to binders by integrating NXT speaker technology.

That’s a innovative way breathing new life in commodities like binders, something that has been around for ages. Sure, you select your binder based on the looks, your favorite color, image of your band or club or any of the many reasons you have.

Now you have the option of an integrated speaker that gives your binder character and individuality.

I’m not suggesting you forcefully entertain your class mates with your music, keep your earphones, I am suggesting you could use this as audio element for your project presentations.

Like the business people that have their own option to use their laptop bags as speaker (just look around our blog) students too have the option with the Sound Binder to impress teachers, professor and the rest of your class.

The Sound Binder works with any MP3 player, portable DVD player or Laptop. The top flab has a light weight small-profile speaker from NXT that gets it’s sound from an amplifier powered by 4 AAA batteries.


Available in black/black, black/red, black/pink, and black/blue via this online shop for $ 29.99

Class lasts all year. Make sure you’ve got the gear to go the distance and makes sound fun 😉


  1. Oh dear, I can see it now, my itouch or ipod in there, something happens, and it switches on while im in a meeting or a course. Dear god that would be bad 😀 I’ve had my ipod turn on in my pocket several times and with it plugged into speakers, that would be catastrophic to say the least, but like you said, cool idea.

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