DIY – Zipper Earbud Cover

zipper-headphone-cordRounding of this weeks simplicity theme on talk2myShirt I found a perfectly fitting DIY project that demonstrates that low-tech creativity when integrating a bit of technology into clothing accessories can solve daily problems when handling our indispensable pocket devices.

Tangling headphone cords are one of the ‘evil’ things we have grown to accept due to the lack of better alternatives. The HoodieBuddie we posted earlier this week is one great looking solution for this problem.

Crafter LauPre has another low-tech DIY solution, the Zipper Earbud Cover that looks good and could even be used to retrofit existing clothing with DIY headphone cord management.

The concept is lovingly simple to make: take a zipper and a pair of your favorite ear-buds, wrap them in the sewing strip of the zipper and sew it up all the way.

The zipper adds some weight and smoothness to the cord allowing it to flow down, to stay close to the wearers body. The zipper can adjust the fit of the cable length going to each ear-bud, which does help to minimize the cable tangling. Best of all – it looks cool.


A fabulous, inspirational idea almost everyone will be able to pull off in no time and personalize his/her earphone cord.

[via: CraftZine]

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I love this idea!!!I’m going to do this for my teen kids.

This is a great idea ! Can you tell me approximately how long the zipper is. Want to make sure I find the right size.


This has to be the idea of the century. Someone should market this. Where can I buy just a zipper like this, so I can make my own??

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[...] here is a do it yourself version.  Just simply purchase a stand alone zipper, then sew the wires into the fabric.  Simple.  You could sew the completed project into a sweatshirt, but I [...]

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