Cycling Jacket from Leah Buechley shows direction of Wearable Electronic

Leah_Cycling_jacket.jpg Leah Buechley the Innovator and Creator of the most advanced e-textile kit, the LilyPad Arduino, keeps on surprising the world with new ideas fusing electronic and clothing.

Her latest work a turn signal biking jacket is an excellent example how e-textiles can add high value to ‘conventional’ clothing.

Safety and visibility while cycling in low light and night condition is a cause of great suffering around the world.

Improving the visibility of cyclists is a big business but a real good solution is far from available.

Almost all products in the market use reflective materials, they only ‘light up’ when light hits this material.

Active light like EL or LED, the later have more light power, increase the visibility greatly.

Integrating LEDs in clothing and use them to indicate the change of direction of a bicycle rider increases tremendously the visibility and with it the road safety of cyclists.

Lilypad_Arduino.jpgLeah’s Cycling Jacket is based on her LilyPad Arduino, some LEDs and wrist mounted switches for the direction control creating a jacket for cyclists that combines the most critical safety aspects for cyclists in low light or dark conditions.

Sure, Leah’s concept could be integrated into backpacks or other clothing items or even caps – whatever fashion designers can envision. The core idea is there and the benefits for people, especially cyclists is great.

For reference: another concept of a cycling jacket with direction indication can be found on one of our previous posts.

I wonder how long it will take to get cycling gear with such great safety enhancement functions into the stores.

[source: DVICE]


  1. Where can i find that jersey? I recently got hit by a car and im not willing to do it again!! Thanks!

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